Delighted to inform that LAURA FREUDENTHALER won the EUPL 2019. We are glad to represent the author in Balkan countries and selected Eastern European Countries on behalf of NABU INTERNATIONAL LITERARY AGENCY. We sold right in GEISTERGESCHICHTE in SERBIA (2 book deal), MAKEDONIA, CROATIA, ALBANIA ( 2 book deal), BULGARIA (2 book deal).

What if a void suddenly opened up in your life? This is the question Laura Freudenthaler pursues in her second novel Ghost Story. In her gap year, that she meant to spend playing piano and writing textbooks, Anne is thrown off track. One by one she abandons her habits and hobbies. By day she roams the streets, by night she writes her observations into a notebook. Her flat, where she has been living with Thomas for 20 years, feels increasingly uncomfortable, not least because Thomas seems to be less and less present there. She had suspected all along that he might be cheating on her. And now the girl, as Anne calls his mistress, appears as fleeting, whispering ghost. There are noises and apparitions now which are getting harder and harder for Anne to identify.

June 7, 2019, 4:01 p.m.